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Flash Gordon

Adaptation by The One Act Players

Episode One Recorded at Mr. Toads Studios, San Francisco

Cast Countdown Girl: Lori Carcare
Announcer: Scot Crisp
Narrator: Glenn Carlson
Flash Gordon: John Parsons
Dale Arden: Terri Dien
Hans Zarkov: Scot Crisp
The Slave: Digby Christian
Ming the Merciless: Rob Soriano
Princess Aura: Corina Harman
Prince Thun: Aram Boyd
High Priest Zogi: Scot Crisp
Minions of Mongo: Chris Linert & Cast
Producer Glenn Carlson
Director Glenn Carlson
Awards Winner of the Silver Mark Time Award for Excellence in Science Fiction
Copyrights Flash Gordon is the property of King Features Syndicate/Hearst Publications