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Illuminatus! Part II: The Golden Apple

By Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson

Recorded at What You Say Studios, San Francisco

Cast One Act Players
Producer Lance Bauscher
Director Lance Bauscher
Details In 2006 One Act was tapped by Deep Leaf Audio as the troupe to bring to life The Golden Apple, Book Two of the Illuminatus! trilogy, Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson's conspiratorial classic in counter-culture mysticism.

“The ultimate conspiracy book… the biggest sci-cult novel to come along since Dune. Based on the actual incarnations of the mystic Illuminati sects, which include the Hashisin, the Knights Templars, and the Masons, among others, the novel ties together everything you’ve ever dreaded about Watergate, the Mafia, UFOs, all the recent political assassinations, Atlantis, Nazi Germany, giant rock festivals, the CIA, pyramid power, John Dillinger, LSD, yoga, the FBI, and the last words of Dutch Schultz – for starters – in a hilariously raunchy style.” - Village Voice

“Funny, savagely sarcastic, definitely anarchistic…wild and irreverent…(Shea and Wilson blend) a marvelous amount of fact and inspired fiction (together to weave) one of the most dizzying tales I’ve come across in years…. Laugh or rage at it or with it…you won’t be able to put it down.” – Fred Pooj, Limit