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Three Skeleton Key

Adaptation by The One Act Players
from the short story by George Toudouze.
Original radio adaptation by James Poe.

Recorded at Studio Bob, San Francisco

Cast Jean: Scot Crisp
Louis: John Parsons
Auguste: Glenn Carlson
Producer Glenn Carlson
Director Glenn Carlson
Music Clark Stiefel
Tagline The one with the rats.
First Lines (Jean) “Picture this place, a gray tapering cylinder welded by iron rods and concrete to the key itself. A bare, black rock, one hundred fifty feet long, maybe forty wide… that's at low tide. At high tide just the lighthouse rising one hundred ten feet straight up out of the ocean, and all about the churning water, gray-green, scum dappled, warm as soup.”
Trivia An old San Francisco hospital stairwell and boiler room "doubled" for the lighthouse in the remote recording sessions.